Entrance + skate rental
Your own place reservation in the Skating restaurant
Sandwiches, drinks and a special cake
Special congratulation of our staff with color lights and birthday song
Unlimited time for skating. You'll skate all what you want 



Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Minimum 10 skaters

Price per person: 25,00 €


Wednesday and Thursday  except holidays.

Minimum 5 skaters

Price per person: 20,00 €

Add an instructor for your party

INSTRUCTOR 80,00 € (reservations and payments with minimum of 10 days)

  • The instructor accompanies all the kids of birthday during 2 hours

  • he instructor will serve snack bar in the reserved area (tables)


  • Birthday schedule:

    Mornings from 10:30 to14:00h or afternoons from Wednesday to Sunday from 16:30 to 20:00 h.

  • These options are not available from December 22nd to January 7th.

  • Reservations/Payment: at 932 452 800 or at our ticket office (reservations are not made by e-mail) 

    The reservation will be formalized once the payment is made minimum of children of the party (option A. 10 children) (option B. 5 children), must be make at least 10 days before.

  • Payment can be made by phone with card or in person in cash or card (transfers are not accepted)


If you only want come to skate with friends, we have special prices for groups

Also you can order a cake for 30,00 € (reservations and payments with minimum of 7 days)

There is not allowed the consumption of meal or drinks not acquired in this establishment

c/ Roger de Flor, 168  Barcelona 

Tel: 932 452 800

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