Skating sessions of 2 hours, within schedule of the session (10:30  to 14:00 h), with special price for schools, esplais, High schools, academies ...​

  • Minimum of 10 skaters.

  • Schedule of special offer for schools and esplais:  2 hours skate sessions during the session hours: Working hours from 10:30 to 14:00 h

  • Who can’t access this offer:
    particular groups, AMPA, AFA ...

  • For other days and hours: check here

  • Reservations exclusively at: (not reservations by phone) The reservation by e-mail must be done at least 20 days before.

  • Payment: The same day is made in cash, card or check (transfers are not accepted)

The price includes entrance and rent of skates. 
The use of gloves is recquired to skate.

Consumption of food or drinks not acquired in this site is not allowed.

c/ Roger de Flor, 168  Barcelona 

Tel: 932 452 800

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