What is the minimum age for skate in ice?

There is no minimum age for skating, depends a lot of themselves.

The Skating School have minimum age, which is 4 years.

What is the minimum and maximum number of skates you have?

Number from 23 to 50 (EU)

Is the same price for everybody children and adults?

Yes. Everybody pays the same for skate.

The entrance fee is by hours?

No, ticket price is per session, not hours. In the same price you can skate as much as you want.

It is mandatory to wear gloves to skate?

Yes. If you don’t have, you can buy here for 3,00 €.

It is mandatory to wear a helmet?

No. It is advisable till 10 years, not obligatory. But for a perfect protection you can rent it here for 3,00 €.

Do I have to order a number more, tan I have for skates? Do I have to wear thick socks?

No! The sock should not be thick, it should be thin or normal. The skates should be the same number of shoes you wear.

How I put my skates?

It's important to open well the laces to enter your foot, once placed, tie up the laces pulling them well, so that the boot is adapted to your foot. If the big toe touches the skate, you'll have to get next number than you have. But if your fingers do not touch the skate or ankle is loose,you'll must wear less number than you have.

How works to rent the skates?

Once you have bought the ticket, you must go to the locker room, take off your shoes, hang them on a hanger and you have to order your number of skates.

Do we have any discounts with any  membership card?

We don’t have discounts now, but we have some promotions in our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram. For take it, you only must to print the promotions you want.

I have my own skates. Can you sharpen them?

Of course! The price for the pair is 15,00 € for sharpen them.

It's my first time skating and I don't feel so confident, can I have some help?

Yes, we offer you two options which can be purchased at our box office: We have the "Skating Penguin", it is a support that will help you lose the fear of sliding across the ice. It is available in 3 different sizes according to your height.

You can also order express classes. They consist on 15 minutes packs with a personal coach that will help you learn.

How should I dress?

Wear comfortable clothes, it's better to use long trousers and a long sleeves t-shirt or sweater, remember that the gloves are mandatory.

It's cold inside?

As you can see, we are an ice rink ☺ and the room temperature ranges between 12ºC and 16ºC. Yes, it's cold.

If you're skating you won't feel it so much, because you'll be exercising, but if you're walking around the rink you'll have to use warm clothes.

What I have to do to request or return the skates?

If you need to request, change or return the skates, you'll have to stare at the front of the aisle that has your skate size.

Request skates: Once you've bought the ticket, put your shoes on a hanger and give them along with the ticket (a hanger for each skater).

Return skates: Take off your skates and give them along with the tag that they gave you in exchange for you shoes. 

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